After graduating from college in 1964 and serving two years in the Navy, I joined the Peace Corps and worked as  a volunteer in  the mountains of Peru. Three years later I rejoined the Peace Corps as a staff member in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

     After graduate school, I worked  promoting rural credit unions in Latin America and Africa promoting rural. Then in 1983 I joined the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) where I worked promoting farmer organizations in developing countries. I retired from FAO in 2004.

    Through all  those years I thought about writing a novel based on my experience in Peru. After retirement I finally got my  chance. Sendero was  published in 2012 and that same year I published a short novella entitled "Stopover in Phnom Penh."

    I am currently  working on my finishing a second novel, this time based on my working experience in Africa.

    Other side activities include travel in Africa, Latin America and Asia and active participation as a board member of the Chijnaya Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting rural development activities in the altiplano region of southern Peru and supporter of BlueVoice.org




John Rouse


Univ. of Virginia, BA Foreign Affairs

Univ. of Wisconsin, MS Agricultural Economics


Rome, Italy



The difference between the           right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

Authors: Dickens, Twain, Conrad, Chekov, Maugham, Greene, Le Carrè, Platchett, W. Boyd, Murukami, Soseki, Roger King, A. Munro.

Movies: Nashville, Sleepless in Seattle,

Music: Puccini, A. Boccelli, James Taylor

Personalities: S. Shriver, Bill Moyer, Steven Colbert, Michael Moore



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